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A variety of useful information available at a single glance in the palm of your hands!Introducing the improved NAVER App, making everyone’s life easier.1) ”Customize” your NAVER App home screen!Click the settings button at the upper-right of the home screen in the main page to select subjects to display on the screen and rearrange the display order. Drag the ‘move button(≡)’ on the home menu’s edit screen to change the order of the menu, or touch icons of each subject to hide or display menus. Press the icon if you find a subject you like!2) Gather frequently used services in one placeYou can quickly move to NAVER Pay, Mail, Café and Bookmark and also set frequently used NAVER services. Use the ‘menu button’ on the upper left of the search bar to easily find ‘My Alerts’ and frequently used services at one place!3) Bookmark that can be connected from anywhereThe same bookmark list is provided everywhere, on mobile devices or PCs, with a single NAVER ID. Press the star(★)on the page you wish to save to add the page in the bookmark.4) Smart mobile-exclusive searchThe service reads the user’s minds and recommends information that matches the user’s search intentions. The app offers a mobile-exclusive auto-complete and initial sound search function, as well as a ‘correct answer-type information’ that immediately provides results in the auto-complete screen without having the press the search button. Find quick search results, without having to type additional words, with NAVER App’s search.5) Speak, play music and capture to searchPress the microphone button on the right of the search bar to use the recognition search.The NAVER App offers “Voice Search”, which allows users to search long sentences with their voice, “Music Search”, which identifies a song by listening to it, “Hanja Search”, which finds Hanja (Chinese characters) that is “drawn” in, as well as “Wine Label” and “Japanese Visual Search”.6) Move quickly with the Quick MenuUse the “Quick Menu”, which allows users to move to major NAVER services from their smartphone background screen.Drag the “N” icon to the desired location and press the ‘Settings’ button to select/unselect the menus you want. Press the ‘OFF’ button on the top of the ‘Settings’ menu if you wish to delete the Quick Menu.※ NotePlease install Android 2.3.3 or above for a pleasant experience using NAVER App. Go to NAVER App’s ‘Settings – Customer Center’ and submit your inquiries if you encounter any problems while using NAVER App.